Publications de l'Institut Mathématique Published by:
Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Editors-in-Chief: Gradimir V. Milovanović and Stevan Pilipović ISSN: 0350-1302
Latest Issue - (N.S.) 109 (123)
Continued fractions and Diophantine equations in positive characteristic 143 - 151
Khalil Ayadi, Awatef Azaza and Salah Beldi  
AbstractKeywords: finite fields; formal power series; continued fractionMSC: 11J61; 11J70DOI:
New Estimates for Meromorphic Functions 153 - 162
Bülent Nafi Örnek  
AbstractKeywords: Schwarz lemma on the boundary; holomorphic function; meromorphic function; Jack's lemmaMSC: 30C80; 32A10; 30D30DOI:
Article page: <<12

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