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Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Editors-in-Chief: Gradimir V. Milovanović and Stevan Pilipović ISSN: 0350-1302
Latest Issue - (N.S.) 114 (128)
Spectral Properties of Solutions of the Yang--Baxter-Like Matrix Equation 1 - 8
Jovan Arizanović  
AbstractKeywords: matrix equation; Jordan canonical form; Jordan blocksMSC: 15A18; 15A21; 15A24DOI:
On embedding of $\mathcal F$-hedgehogs in function spaces 9 - 17
Alexander V. Osipov  
AbstractKeywords: $C_p$-theory; Menger property; $\mathcal F$-hedgehog; function spaceMSC: 54C35 54C05; 54C65; 54A20; 54D65}DOI:
Domain of the Cesàro mean of order $\alpha$ in Maddox's space $\ell(p)$ 19 - 38
Medine Yeşilkayagil Savaşcı and Feyzi Başar  
AbstractKeywords: paranormed sequence space; $\alpha$-; $\beta$- and $\gamma$-duals and matrix mappingsMSC: 46A45; 46B45DOI:
Central Automorphisms of Zappa--Szép Products of Two Cyclic Groups 39 - 50
Vipul Kakkar and Ratan Lal  
AbstractKeywords: automorphism group; central automorphism group; Zappa--Szép productMSC: 20D45 20D45DOI:
Rate of Convergence By Kantorovich Type Operators Involving Adjoint Bernoulli Polynomials 51 - 62
Mine Menekşe Yılmaz  
AbstractKeywords: Bernoulli polynomials; Korovkin theorem; generating functions; Voronovskaya-type theorem; modulus of smoothness; rate of convergenceMSC: 41A10; 41A25 41A36DOI:
Some New Results on Absolute Matrix Summability of Infinite Series and Fourier Series 63 - 69
Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan  
AbstractKeywords: Riesz mean; absolute matrix summability; Fourier series; infinite seriesMSC: 40F05 26D15; 40D15; 40G99; 42A24DOI:
Inequalities for the generalized derivative of a complex polynomial 71 - 80
F. A. Bhat, N. A. Rather and S. Gulzar  
AbstractKeywords: polynomials; zeros; Sz-Nagy's generalized derivativeMSC: 30A10; 30C10; 30D15DOI:
Recursion Formulas or $H_1$--$H_7$ Horn Hypergeometric Functions 81 - 90
Sarasvati Yadav and Geeta Rani  
AbstractKeywords: recursion formulas; Horn hypergeometric functionsMSC: 33C65 11B37DOI:
Turán-Type Inequalities of Polynomials 91 - 101
Robinson Soraisam, Barchand Chanam and Mahmood Bidkham  
AbstractKeywords: polynomial; derivatives; Turán-type inequalities; Schwarz lemmaMSC: 30A10; 30C15 30C10DOI:
A generic refinement to the Cauchy--Schwarz inequality 103 - 109
Mohammad Masjed-Jamei  
AbstractKeywords: generic refinement; Cauchy--Schwarz inequality; inner product spaces; probability spacesMSC: 26D15; 39B72; 60E15DOI:

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